Saturday, October 29, 2005


Joshua didn’t have a lot of time on this earth, but he used the time he had to be fully present and alive. Josh lived in the moment always making the most of every day and living life to the fullest. Among other rolcs I knew Josh as a teacher, learner, brother, and friend. As a teacher, people where greatly impressed by Josh’s ability to motivate his students, his passionate enthusiasm and strong leadership. He was highly evaluated by his students for quality teaching and his attention to individual needs.

Josh was a multicultural person and a global citizen; he was very culturally sensitive with a great interest in diverse places and people. He was a strong advocate for diversity and human rights and possessed a deep commitment to education. Joshua ‘s unending willingness to help out where needed and ability to easily adapt to new and unfamiliar situations took him to many challenging and exciting destinations to teach including the foothills of the Himalayas, inner city schools in the US, Japan and finally to Armenia. He was satisfied with his work in Armenia and felt good about the worthwhile contributions he was able to make there.

Josh possessed a dedication of working for a better world with a vision of peace and understanding among people. This mission came across clearly when working at the International Study and Travel Center at the University of Minnesota. While working at the center, Josh continually created new opportunities with fresh promotional events and presentations to share his excitement for international education. In one quarter at the center, Josh set up and created a total of 65 presentations. This was a record number in all respects. Previous quarter long presentations rarely topped 20 or 30.

As a brother Joshua taught me new perspectives and ways at looking at relationships and situations. I was always excited to get his insights and hear his wisdom about life as we shared laughter and the challenges of the different life paths we had created. His opened hearted way of reaching out and friendly, easygoing manner was always a comfort as we traveled together and apart around the world. The influence Josh has had on my life has made me a better person and apiece of him lives on in me.

May Josh ‘s light burn brightly in all of us, as we learn to life with more tolerance, compassion and humanity. My life goes on in honor and celebration of dear Joshua, my precious treasure, brother and friend.

--Eulogy for Joshua Haglund delivered by his brother James


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