Sunday, October 30, 2005

Peace and solace...

Aloha Jaime,
I know it must be a difficult time for you and your family.
Sodhi and I have remembered you, Josh, and your family in our prayers. Please convey my love and sympathy to your kind mother. I wish I had the bounty of getting to know your brother in person. His radiant spirit has touched so many people in just the brief time he was in this world. . . and truly he is still here with us, just in a different state of being, which is hard for us to understand at this
time. In the future we should find greater clarity.

I hope your heart is finding peace and solace.
thinking of you,


Dear James


Keep on. Keep on.

Solzhenitsyn said that a grain of truth outweighs all the world.
Keep your heart open and pure. Perhaps some good, some small
thing, something will emerge from all this pain.




Best wishes to you as you heal and allow your heart to expand to include your loss and your continuing. love, Sandra


Go with God. With God. Go with God. All can be well. Go in
peace and with healing angels. Go with righteous truth.
Integrity is a flaming sword.

You and your mom and your brother your whole family: you are all
in my prayers.

This is not easy.

With Love,


Aloha Maxine

I am one of Jaime's friends here in Honolulu, and I shared in the ceremonies and took many of the photos. While I didn't know Joshua first hand, I feel his essence and presence in many of the words and actions I have observed over the past two weeks. You must be a wonderful person, and deserve much credit for raising two incredible sons. I grieve with you and Jaime for Joshua's loss.

The words you wrote are beautiful, and they have already encouraged me to view many things differently. I would like to send them to many of my family and friends as a reminder that there are better ways to move through the world.

I hope you continue to be supported by your children, family, and friends, and that the pain of the loss is tempered by the good that will come out of your peaceful and centered approach to living.

Aloha to you.

Bruce Justin Miller.

Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 6:54 AM
Subject: My Mom's words...

A Tribute and A Challenge June 1, 2004
Eulogy at Joshua’s funeral by Maxine Haglund-Blommer

When I heard the news that our son and brother Josh had died.
I felt an awful sadness and I broke down and cried.
The shock was cold and hard and it seemed as if I couldn’t even breathe.
While I stood in Harmon’s hallway all I could do was grieve
That was on a Monday, two weeks ago, the 17th of May
And I know that we will always remember that dark tragic day . . .

But as I look out on your faces of our family and friends here today.
I can’t help but wonder if we can find a better way
Can we ever stop the discontent and violence that rages in a person’s head?

And causes our dear loved ones to be among the dead . . .
I know we all have people we are frustrated by and we do not understand
People in our neighborhood, our workplace, our family or from a far and distant land. I offer all of us a challenge, though it may go against our grain
Can we help create some justice and forget about our gain?

Somehow can you and I make this world a safer place to live?
By taking time to right a wrong or taking time to give . . .
By taking up this challenge to do an act of kindness
We just might eliminate the bitterness and take away the blindness
And even if we do these things will it stop the violence and the hatred

Maybe it won’t change a thing. I cannot predict its fate
But we can try and try again and even try once more.
I don’t know if anyone who will be keeping score
But we also must remember that this world is cold and cruel
Where drugs and disrespect are dangerous common tools
So keep in mind dear people not everyone will be playing by the rules.

But wouldn’t it be encouraging if we could stop some hatred and some pain
And then somehow we would know that Josh’s death need not be in vain.
Of course I know Josh won’t be coming home or even calling on the phone
But if some good comes from his death we won’t feel so lost or so alone
God Bless you for your presence. God bless you for your prayers
We have gotten so much comfort and without them our loss would be impossible to bear.
Thank you for coming today!


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