Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finding answers...

Dear Senator Mark Dayton,

I am writing to ask for your help. Joshua Haglund was killed in May of this year while teaching English in Armenia. Joshua was a generous American, who provided ambassador-like services to Yerevan’s higher educational system. He was completing his commitment to Armenians and Americans.

The Haglund family is preparing to go to Yerevan in search of answers.I’m asking for help from you, Senator Mark Dayton. You are empowered to move the wheels of government to help:

· underwrite costs associated with travel, housing, food, interpretation services

· provide crime lab access to assist Yerevan’s police force

· ensure all meetings, requested by the Haglund family, are attended U.S. State Department officials

. help support a victim’s representative to provide full and complete information on the progress of the investigation to the Haglund family.

What would be your reaction if one of your friend, or family member was killed in a brutal hate crime? What would be your feelings if authorities were tongue-tied? Would you want answers? Would you want help from people like yourselves and other American officials? What would you feel was you birthright as an America?

Sincerely, Brooke Broadbent, friend of Haglund family
I admired and respected your brother very much and am very sorry about what happened to him. As a returning English Language Fellow in Konya, Turkey, he always remains in the back of my mind. If you do find some answers, please let me know too.

Best regards, Sally Ashton

I hope you are finding peace to your grief and loss. I hope that some answers come to you through your efforts. It will not be in vain. Big hug, Jaimie. Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart.

Dear MN Senator Mark Dayton,

I am writing this e-mail from Japan for my precious friend, who's precious cousin, Joshua Haglund, was killed in May of this year while teaching English in Armenia. I feel so sad that this crime remains unsolved, and that the authorities are not making progress on this investigation.

My precious friend's precious person is precious for me. So, please use
your power to honor Joshua's dedication and contributions to world peace,
human rights and education. Also, I think it's time to remember the saying
"One for all, all for one".

Thank you so much for your help and consideration.

Shoko Hikawa, friends of Haglund family


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